More Brands Place Ads in Digital Magazine Editions
21 September, 2013
According to eMarketer Significantly more unique brands in the US are placing ads across digital formats.
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Digital Marketing a Top Priority for Small Business
20 September, 2013
New research has found that two-thirds of small business owners plan to invest as much or more in their digital-marketing efforts this year compared to last year.
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What Is 'Native Advertising'?
17 September, 2013
is there actually any substance behind the term "native advertising", or is native advertising just the latest buzzword in an industry that specializes in creating buzzwords?
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Total Online Ad Spending in 2013 is up 13% from 2012
12 September, 2013
Online ad spending will total $117.6 billion in 2013. This is up 13% from 2012, when $104 billion was spent on online advertising.
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Spending on Digital Advertising Increased Sharply in Georgia this Year
11 September, 2013
While television advertising revenues are declining, spending on online advertising is growing steadily.
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